Seed Pick, Mix & Swap at Mari Market: 14 Dec 2014

Mari Christmas! Come visit our booth for some seed madness this 14th of December!

Themed SeedBoxes

We'll be having our Seed Boxes for sale, where you can buy one of our pre-packed themed seed saving boxes:
• Curry SeedBox
• Stir-Fry SeedBox
• Ulam SeedBox


Pick & Mix SeedBoxes

Prefer to have your own choice of seeds? Then customize your own SeedBox -- pick the seeds your want and we'll write your preferred name on the box... just for you (or your friend)


Seed Swap

We're all for seed saving, so if you have your own seeds or cuttings, bring them and swap them out with some of our own seeds.


A bit about Mari Market by Justlife Group Sdn Bhd

Good quality foods and crafts are gently made by hands. They are not meant for mass production nor they are economical. Yet these producers continue to create irreplaceable, authentic goods with uncompromising zeal and faith. There are quite a few such people around us: small scale organic farmers who have been through years of hardship, baker who insists on original kiln-baked bread, chefs that truly appreciate good relationship with their patrons, and hand craft artists who are the absolute perfectionists.


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Mari Market @ Art Printing Works
Jalan Riong,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.